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 Over a span of 75 years Kashmir Valley Arts has established itself as one of the Kashmir Valleys foremost designers, manufacturers and exporters. Providing the superior quality hand crewel embroidered fabrics, chain stitch rugs and shawls.
We are the designers and the manufactures, so we start from the very beginning. It is a work of art that is created through many processes and many hours of creative hands. Our design studio constantly strives to create new designs and patterns for the international market.
The artist creates a drawing freehand, at which time the decision is made for the fabric type and yarns to be used, along with the colours that will bring this design to life. We choose the fabric type and order it to be made. If the fabric is to be a specific colour we have it dyed. Then we choose the yarns and hand dye them individually for each colour used in the design. The fabric is laid out flat on a wooden floor, the design paper is then carefully placed on top, and this process is all done by hand. Next the paper is rubbed with a compound to release the design onto the fabric. At this stage we gather the fabric, yarns and it is handed to the crewel artist. The crewel work is then stitched by hand, one stitch at a time onto the fabric, following the design with great care. We hand check each process to maintain the integrity of each finished piece. So you can see that this fabric is no ordinary fabric. The beauty and workmanship that goes into each stitch is a great artistic endeavour. The pride of each artist is represented in each piece of our quality Crewel designed pieces. We know that our fabrics, shawls, home and fashion accessories will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all for years to come. The beauty and Quality is unsurpassed!
We are enthused and excited to share our latest creations
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