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Crewel Embroidery
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Crewel Embroidery
Crewel embroidery is a form of embroidery in which patterns are lightly stenciled onto a fabric and then they are embroidered over. This embroidery style is a type of free embroidery, meaning that the threads of the underlying fabric are not counted while the artisan works on the design. Numerous stitches are used in crewel embroidery to create complex and elaborate patterns; some very fine examples of crewelwork can be seen in museums all over the world. When one considers that historical crewelwork was accomplished by hand, these works of art are truly stunning.
Two broad qualities of crewel fabrics and its made ups have been identified based on the type of embroidery yarn used to create designs
·        2 ply (Double ply)
·        1ply  (Single ply)
Crewel 2 Ply (Double ply)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Double ply is fine quality 2 fold twisted wool yarn exhibiting little sheen and gloss. Owing to its fine nature it takes about 60% more stitches to cover same amount of work. As it gives space for more colors multihued and textured fabric flash forth its brilliance. Moreover, it gives sharp optical image to embroidery. This exclusive Crewel work is done on Cotton Duck fabric, Cotton Velvet Fabric, Silk Organza, Wool Fabric, Linen Fabric, and Jute Fabric. 
The price of this quality is about 60% for the same pattern which is more than the cost of 1ply.
Crewel 1ply ( Single ply)


This exquisite Crewel Embroidery is mostly done on handloom Dosooti fabric making it exhilarating and awesome creation. The wool in this traditional crewel embroidery is relatively thicker. Furthermore, edges are not very sharp but give excellent rustic image

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